Linguistic Ethnography e-seminar: First thoughts

The 2017 Linguistic Ethnography Forum e-seminar has kicked off! This year the paper for discussion is Learning Safely from error? Re-considering the ethics of simulation-based medical education through ethnography by Caroline Pelletier and Roger Kneebone. Thanks to the publisher’s and editor’s agreement, the paper, from Ethnography and Education, is

Qualitative Research Interviews: Tips and thoughts

May’s meeting of the Qualitative Research Group I coordinate at The School of Dentistry was on Qualitative Research Interviews.  Andrea Rodriguez and I led a discussion by briefly presenting some reflections on our own experience of doing qualitative interviews. Below, we pulled together the main points that

Linguistic Ethnography and professional morality e-seminar

In June, Caroline Pelletier and Roger Kneebone are running this year’s Linguistic Ethnography Forum e-seminar with Prof Fiona Copland, from the University of Stirling,  and myself acting a seminar facilitators. The paper under discussion will be Pelletier and Kneebone’s 2016 article, ‘Learning Safely from error?

Social Mouth Forum

I am currently organising a one-day forum – with Jennifer Kettle, Alison Patrick and Lorna Warren – for researchers engaging with social sciences and humanities approaches to the study of the mouth, oral health and dentistry. We are putting together a day of presentations, discussion, and networking

The fourth Punk Scholars Network Conference and Symposium

Call for Papers ‘Punk’: Impacting Culture? Influencing change? The University of Bolton School of the Arts and the Punk Scholars Network 12th and 13th of December 2017 Papers and presentations are invited for the fourth Punk Scholars Network conference and postgraduate symposium to be held

Stand-up Comedy Microphone

Earnest sociologist does stand-up comedy

Sometimes it’s good to push yourself – in a protestant-work-ethic style, rather than a recreational-drugs-and-eyeballs way. This new year, my attempt to go beyond my comfort zone was to do a stand-up comedy set as part of Bright Club at Dundee. I’ve written on stand-up comedy before

Wikipedia logo held in hands

Dental Wikipedia Editing Project

Dundee Dental School shares their experience of running a dental Wikipedia project and encourages involvement other dental schools by starting to publish a series of videos. The first offers insight into their Wikipedia work at The University of Dundee, to share the latest dentistry research and clinical guidelines!

Qualitative Research for Dentists

My mission to bring qualitative research to dentistry continues… Below are the slides from I session I did with the students on the MDSc Prosthodontics course in the Dental School at The University of Dundee. This session on qualitative research for dentists fits into a series of

Dentistry Qualitative Research Group: Poster Session

When I joined The School of Dentistry at The University of Dundee last year I was excited to see that amidst the generally positivist approach to research, there were quite a few people making waves with qualitative research into dentistry. These people were focusing on