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Fake Nation A Study into Everyday Crime

Published as: Bryce J. & Rutter, J., 2005. “Fake Nation?: A Study into an Everyday Crime”, The Organised Crime Task Force, Belfast. Background This publication details the background, empirical and analytical research undertaken during the Intellectual Property Theft and Organised Crime research project (IPTOC) and provides

Consumers, crime and the downloading of music

Innovations in digital distribution (most often originating from outside the music recording and publishing industries) have significantly changed users’ relationships to the music they consume. As early as 1999, Shawn Fanning’s Napster had

Gendered Gaming in Gendered Space

Approaches to gender and computer gaming have been dominated by textual and content analysis at the expense of broader understandings of gaming. This paper examines computer games through gendered game content, game spaces and

The Gendering of Computer Gaming: Experience and Space

Previous research on computer game playing has tended to focus on the negative aspects of gaming such as aggression, addiction, and social isolation, rather than viewing it as an activity which forms an important part of many people’s leisure lifestyles. This paper presents

Ethnographic Presence in a Nebulous Setting

Drawing upon an ethnographic study of the sociability practices of a virtual community, this paper identifies certain paradoxical respects in which the ethnographer can be regarded as both present in and absent from