Dental Wikipedia Editing Project

Our students at Dundee Dental School have been leading a project to improve the quality of dentistry information on Wikipedia.  They’ve developed several groups, each engaging with a different series of dentistry topics for which Wikipedia currently has inaccurate or incomplete material available. This appears to be a world’s first for dentistry students to come together like this in order to develop the quality of dental information on the online encyclopedia

Volunteering their weekend spare time as well as lunchtime breaks, our undergraduate students have been improving their knowledge, teamwork and online skills while they ensure that Wikipedia has current, correct and concise information about issues including the use of fluoride and glass ionomer cement.

As they look to share their experience and involve other dental schools in the Wikipedia project, they have started to publish a series of videos. The first seeks to offer insight into their Wikipedia work at The University of Dundee, to share the latest dentistry research and clinical guidelines!

There’s is more information on the project – which is supported by Inspire and Dundee Research and Academic Medicine Society – to be found on the Dental DRAMS Facebook page.

They will also shortly be announcing a training and dissemination session taking place later this month!

Well done to the group who are driving this student-led project! I’m proud to be involved.

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