Dentistry Qualitative Research Group: Poster Session

When I joined The School of Dentistry at The University of Dundee last year I was excited to see that amidst the generally positivist approach to research, there were quite a few people making waves with qualitative research into dentistry. These people were focusing on issues such as experience, access and inequality. All themes familiar to those with a sociological background, but less well explored in a dentistry context.

Looking to bring these like-minded individuals out of their offices and get them sharing ideas, skills and research, I decided to see if there was interest in setting up a qualitative research group across the school. We had our first meeting in January and yesterday our second event was a little more forward facing. In a getting-to-know-you style we arranged a poster session so people could showcase both finished and in-progress work as well as getting to speak to those people we normally just say, ‘good morning’ to in the lift.

With contributions from early-stage PhD researchers to professorial staff, more than 15 posters were pulled out of the bag by members of the School of Dentistry.  Featuring quantitative, clinical, qualitative and mixed-methods projects, the session highlighted an active research culture that perhaps hasn’t always been overly visible here at Dundee.

Poster presentations included:

Waraf Al-yaseen
Rethinking the gap: A qualitative analysis of the transition from undergraduate dental education and practice realities

Nadja Almondes, Denise Downie, Jacqui Deas, Emma O’Keefe, Colwyn Jones, Derek Richards, and Ruth Freeman
The Scottish Oral Health Improvement Prison Programme: A survey of prisoners’ oral health 2017

Dalia Bajabir, Peter Mossey, Nicola Innes, Stephen MacGillivray
Women’s views on the uptake of preconception care

Laura Beaton and Ruth Freeman
Smile4life: Understanding implementation and adoption

Susan Carson, Mark Hector and Ruth Freeman
Childhood body weight and dental caries

Heather Cassie, Jan Clarkson, Shaun Treweek, Lorna McKee, Craig Ramsay and Linda Young
Improving quality in healthcare: A case study in dental primary care in Scotland

Gillian Forbes, Debbie Bonetti and Jan Clarkson
Antibiotic prescribing decisions in primary dental care

J. Galloway, G. Davies and P.A. Mossey
Direct costs of cleft lip and palate treatment

Jenny Hally, Siyang Yuan, Ruth Freeman and Gerry Humphris
Effective communication and reducing dental anxiety-the role of addressing dental patients’ emotional needs

Niall McGoldrick, Jeremy McMahon and Jan Clarkson
Head and neck surgery quality improvement collaborative: Patient experience

Sucharita Nanjappa, Stephanie Chambers, Stephanie Fulke, Rebecca Lindsay and Ruth Freeman
Chatterbox: Customising services around dental health care

E. Patel, F. Fernandes, R. Freeman
Addressing oral health needs in care homes using bystander Intervention model

Andrea Rodriguez, Laura Beaton, Ruth Freeman
Reflexive mapping exercise of services and organisations working with people experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless

Jason Rutter, Salma Ainine, Lindsay Siebelt, Alison McFadden and Nicola Innes
Reviewing Gypsy and Traveller engagement with dental health and services

Jason Rutter, Kathryn Cunningham, Zoe Marshman and Nicola Innes
There’s no such thing as preventative dentistry: A practice theory approach


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