What is Grounded Theory?

Grounded Theory is an inductive methodology in which theory is constructed through close analysis of available data. It is an approach marked both by its over-simplification by some and the density of other theorists and practitioners.  Finding a way into understanding grounded theory is sometime not easy. However, luckily for us, Graham R Gibbs has made available a wonderful resource.

Dr Gibbs knows his research methods. Based at The University of Huddersfield specialises in qualitative data analysis. He is the authors of books including Qualitative Data Analysis: Explorations with NVivo and Analysing Qualitative Data. He is also a man who has spent quite some time in making some of his key lectures available outside the university walls.

One of his most useful series of videos is the one on Grounded Theory. In these lecture videos, Gibbs takes us through the key practical aspects of grounded theory (GT) in a practical and organised way. The lecture is conveniently split up into easily watchable bite-size chunks.

Gibbs’ lecture on Grounded Theory takes us through an introduction to GT, explains open coding, selective coding, axial coding, and line-by-line coding as well as looking at some critiques of Grounded Theory. The lecture series is even followed with a 2013 interview with Kathy Charmaz – one of the key figures in current approaches to Grounded Theory.

If you are looking for a solid and accessible introduction to Grounded Theory this – a well as Wikipedia – offer a highly recommended starting point.

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