Jason Rutter – Researcher and Sociologist

Jason RutterJason Rutter a sociologist whose background is in interactional sociology and cultural studies thanks to his two original mentors, Greg Smith and Brian Longhurst. Although Jason Rutter’s early work was on stand-up comedy, his first research post after finishing his Ph.D. in 1997 was looking at online interaction within internet newsgroups which were at the time becoming more popular with domestic users in the UK.

Since then, while the focus of Jason Rutter’s study has changed with funding and institutional opportunities he has remained focused on people’s use of, and interaction through, technologies. Looking at mobile telecoms, digital games, and online piracy, Jason Rutter has explored how new technologies are integrated into already established, everyday routines.

Looking at new technologies, as well as their markets, policy and legal implications as well aspects of privacy and access, Jason has worked at Salford, Manchester and Edinburgh universities and UCLan in the UK as well as at KU Leuven in Belgium through a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship.

Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction logo designed by Jason Rutter

Jason Rutter was previously based in Psychology at Edinburgh University where he is worked on the EU-funded ForgetIT project with Robert Logie. There he was exploring organisational memory and managed forgetting.

He is now based in the School of Dentistry at The University of Dundee working with Nicola Innes on the FiCTION Trial (Fillings in Children’s Teeth; Indicated or Not). This study aims to explore the clinical and cost effectiveness of filling decay in children’s primary (baby) teeth. At Dundee he is managing qualitative aspects of the project, interviewing dentists, child patients and parents to explore attitudes to, and experiences of, certain treatments.

A little-known fact about Jason Rutter is that as a young post-doc he designed the logo for the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction!