Jason Rutter’s Presentations

Academic Presentations

Rutter, J., 2011. ‘Finding Gamers in 140 Characters: Talk of Games on Twitter’, Keynote presentation prepared for Under the Mask 2011, University of Bedfordshire, 3rd June 2011.

Rutter, J., 2011. ‘Is ethics a red herring in the study of piracy?’, Consuming the Illegal: Situating Digital Piracy in Everyday Experience, European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop, Catholic University of Leuven, 17-19th April 2011.

Rutter, J., 2011. ‘Constructing the Pirate: Illegal Downloading and the Ethics of Consumption’, BSA Annual Conference 2011 – 60 Years of Sociology, London School of Economics, 6-8th April 2011.

Rutter, J., 2010. ‘Playing with Moral Panics: The Framing Of Young People In The Reporting of Crime and Video Games’, Faculty of Education, Anglia Ruskin University, 25th November 2010.

Rutter, J. 2010. ‘Downloading as Deviance’, MassComm Seminar Series, Catholic University of Leuven, 15th October 2010.

Rutter, J., 2008. “‘Counterfeit Culture: Internet Piracy as Practice”, 21st Century Teenager: Media Representation, Theory and Policy, Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds, 10-12th July 2008

Rutter, J., 2008. “‘Downloading with Davo’: Internet Piracy as a Consumption Practice”, Regulatory norms and business practice in virtual worlds, University of Exeter, 20th May 2008

Rutter, J., 2007. “Still Just Boys Toys? Gendered experience of computer gaming”, British Film Institute (BFI) Media Studies Conference 2007, National Film Theatre, London, 5th-7th July.

Rutter, J. (2007) “Is There Methodology in this Madness? Searching for Meaning in Mundane Gaming”, Computer Games: Learning, Meaning and Method, London Knowledge Lab, 26th Jan 2007.

Rutter, J. (2006) “Pirates’ Gold: Consumers and the Counterfeiting of Electronic Media”, SPRU & CENTRIM’s Collaborative Seminar Series, University of Sussex, 2nd June 2006.

Crawford, G. & Rutter, J., (2006) “Playing the Game: performance in digital game audiences”, Sociology, Social Order(s) and Disorder(s), The British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2006, Harrogate International Centre, North Yorkshire, 21st-23rd April.

Rutter, J. 2005. “Industry-University Collaboration: A Social Science Perspective”, Making Europe More Attractive for Researchers, CNR Researcher Centre, Pisa, 28-30th September.

Bryce, J. & Rutter, J., 2005. “Consuming counterfeits: intellectual property theft as everyday leisure”, Institute of Innovation Research, University of Manchester.

Bryce, J. & Rutter, J., 2004. “Killing Like a Girl: Gendered Gaming and Girl Gamers’ Visibility”, DigiPlay 3: Leisure Constraints, Entitlement and Access to Technologies of Leisure, University of Central Lancashire, 15th Sept.

Moore, K. & Rutter, J., 2004. “‘Understanding Consumers’ Understanding of Mobile Entertainment”, Mobile Entertainment: User-centred Perspectives, Manchester, 25-27th March.

Bryce, J., Moore, K. & Rutter, J., 2004. “Mobile Entertainment Users: Headline results from an online survey“, Mobile Entertainment: User-centred Perspectives, Manchester, 25-27th March.

Rutter, J., 2004. “Games as Consumers as Producers”, DigiPlay 1: Experience and Consequence of Technologies of Leisure, CRIC, University of Manchester, 14-15th January.

Rutter, J., 2003. “Virtual Methods: Prospects and Retrospects”, panel member with Nicola Green & Steve Woolgar. University of Surrey, Dec 15th.

Moore, K. & Rutter, J., 2003. “In the future your games will go with you?: Mobile entertainment in Europe”, Digital Games Industries: Developments, Impact and Direction, CRIC, University of Manchester.

Rutter, J., 2002. “Digital Gaming: a Non-Digital Perspective”, IST 2002: Partnerships for the Future, 4-6th November, Copenhagen.

Bryce, J. & Rutter, J., 2002. “Killing Like a Girl: Gendered Gaming and Girl Gamers’ Visibility”, Computer Games and Digital Cultures, University of Tampere, Finland.

Rutter, J., 2002. “How Can We Trust the Ghost in the Machine? New Users, Shopping and E-commerce”, 21st May, University of York.

Rutter, J. & Smith, G.W.H., 2002. “Ethnographic presence in nebulous settings: a case study” ESRC Virtual Methods Seminar, 19th April, Brunel University.

Rutter, J., 2002. “Trust Interactions in E-commerce Transactions”, Ethnomethodology: A Critical Celebration, University of Essex.

Rutter, J., 2002. “Routinising Trust in E-commerce Interactions”, Everyday Consumption of Technology, University of Manchester.

Bryce, J. & Rutter, J., 2001. “Whose game is this? Issues in Exploring Children’s Computer Gaming”, First International Workshop on Children in the Digital World, IMEDIA, Norsk Regenstraal, Oslo, Norway.

Rutter, J., 2001. “Performing Laughter: Audience-Performer Interaction in Stand-up Comedy” Orders of Ordinary Action, The International Institute of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Bryce, J. & Rutter, J., 2001. “Computer Gamers and the Routine Pursuit of Excellence”, Leisure Studies Association 2001 – Journeys in Leisure: Current and Future Alliances, University of Luton.

Rutter, J., 2001. “Getting a Life: Approaching Computer Gaming” CCCP seminar, Manchester School of Management.

Bryce & Rutter, J., 2001. “Playing in the Killing Fields: Exploring Computer Gaming as Sport”, University of Central Lancashire.

Bryce & Rutter, J., 2001. “In the Game – In the Flow: Presence in Public Computer Gaming”, Computer Games & Digital Textualities, IT University of Copenhagen.

Rutter, J., 2000. “Towards a Sociology of ‘E-trust’ for E-consumers”, Innovation Through E-commerce, UMIST, Manchester.

Bryce, J. & Rutter, J., 2000. “The serious practice of being a computer gamer: The practice of being a member of a computer gamer community”, Cultural Change and Urban Contexts, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Rutter, J. & Southerton, D., 2000. “The question of e-commerce: an exploration of ‘everyday’ consumption via the www”, The Future of Consumer E-commerce, Consumers’ Association, London.

Rutter, J. & Smith, G.W.H., 2000. “Identity is Ordinary: Presentations of Self in Everyday Life Online”, Virtual Society? Get Real!, Virtual Society? conference, Ashridge House, Hertfordshire.

Rutter, J. & Smith, G.W.H., 2000. “Building Identities On-Line: The Transtextual Construction of and ISP Bogeyman”, Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction Couch/Stone Symposium, Tampa Florida.

Rutter, J. & Smith, G.W.H., 1999. “Presenting the Offline Self in an Everyday, Online Environment”, Identities in Action, University of Wales.

Rutter, J. & Smith, G.W.H., 1999. “<professional.stranger@ethno.com>: Presence and Absence in Virtual Ethnography”, Qualitative Methodology session, American Sociological Association National Meeting, Chicago, Illinois.

Rutter, J. & Smith, G.W.H., 1999. “Solidarity and Conflict in a Virtual Community: The Case of Rumcom.Local”, Popular Culture and American Culture Association National Conference, San Diego, CA.

Rutter, J. & Smith, G.W.H., 1999. “Ritual Aspects of CMC Sociability”, Ethnographic Studies in Real and Virtual Environments: Inhabited Information Spaces and Connected Communities, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

Rutter, J., & Smith, G.W.H., 1999. “Spinning Threads: Rituals of Sociability in CMC”. Paper presented at ESRC Virtual Methods Seminar Series, Brunel University.

Rutter, J., 1998, “Work on the Web: Exploring Web Pages”, Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition, The University of Manchester/UMIST.

Rutter, J. & Smith, G.W.H., 1998. “Addressivity and Sociability in ‘Celtic Men’”, Cultural Attitudes Towards Technology and Communication International Conference (CATAC’98), Science Museum, London.

Rutter, J., 1997. “The Live Audience: A Look at Stand-up Comedy Openings”, Institute of Social Research Audience Research Day, University of Salford.

Rutter, J., 1996. “‘It’s The Way I Tell them’: Joke Telling in Stand-up Comedy”, Laughter, Joking and Social Interaction, University of Salford.

Rutter, J., 1995. “When the P-word is Funny: Postmodernism and Contemporary Comedy”, The International Humor Conference, University of Aston, Birmingham.

Rutter, J., 1995. “Audience Laughter and Rhetoric in the Comedy of Bill Hicks” University of Lancaster/University of Salford Audiences group.

Rutter, J., 1994. “‘I think men are fantastic – as a concept’: Aggression and Self-Deprecation in the Voice of Stand up Comedy”, The International Humor Conference, Ithaca College, New York.

User Conference Presentations

Rutter, J. 2010 “Open Access in Academia”, Pirates Parties International conference, 16th April, European Parliament, Brussels.

Rutter, J. 2007 “Experiences and Lesson from SSH and FP7”, Opportunities in Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities Research the EU’s 7th Framework Programme, October 25th, Yorkshire Forward, Leeds.

Rutter, J. 2007 “The Future of Games Innovation in Games: Is the future in friends, foes: Friends, Foes or Criminals?”, Digital Interactive Symposium, University of Edinburgh, August 15th.

Rutter, J., 2007 “The Economic Impact: When Gamers Mean Business”, ISFE Expert Conference 2007: The challenge of online gaming”, Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE), Brussels, June 26th-27th 2007.

Rutter, J., 2005. “Why Consumers Don’t Trust E-commerce: A Review”, E-handel for alle (E-commerce for All), The Danish National Consumers Agency, Copenhagen, 13th Oct, 2005.

Bryce, J. & Rutter, J., 2005. “Fake Nation: A Preview”, ELSPA International Games Summit, 21st-22nd June 2005, Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London.

Bryce, J. & Rutter, J., 2005. “Consumption of Counterfeit Goods: Digital Games”, Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers’ Association, London, 2nd Feb 2005.

Bryce, J. & Rutter, J., 2005. “Consumption of Counterfeit Goods: Film & TV”, Industry Trust for IP Awareness, 20th Century Fox, London, 19th Jan 2005.

Bryce, J. & Rutter, J., 2005. “Consumption of Counterfeit Goods: Music”, British Phonographic Industries (BPI), London 19th Jan 2005.

Rutter, J., 2002. “Digital Gaming: a Non-Digital Perspective” IST 2002: Partnerships for the Future – 4-6th November, Copenhagen.

Bryce, J. & Rutter, J., 2002. “Psychological and Sociological Connections Between ‘Virtual Reality’ and the Trade in Fakes” Anti-Counterfeiting Group Conference, Edinburgh.

Bryce, J. & Rutter, J., 2002. “Computer Gaming and the Technological Transformation of Leisure”, Bloc Seminar: Gaming, Pembrokeshire Business Initiative, Pembrokeshire.

Bryce, J. & Rutter, J., 2001. “Computer Games and Films: Convergence of Technologies -Convergence of Audiences?”, Kino Film Festival, Manchester.