Rhetoric in Stand-up Comedy

This paper offers a different approach by exploring the introduction of stand-up performers by comperes in comedy venues. Taking this neglected, but omnipresent, aspect of stand-up

The Consumption of Counterfeit Goods

Social science, policy and popular discourse around counterfeiting regularly position consumers of counterfeit goods as part of a technological elite or as motivated by anti-capitalist or anti-corporate positions. In order to explore this construction and highlight its associated limitations, this article presents

How Long Does it Take to Review a Paper?

I recently stumbled on a project from Malte Elson at Ruhr University Bochum and James D. Ivory from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University which attempts to give some clarity to the peer review process for journals. Journal Reviewer attempts to give some insight to the

Graham R Gibbs Lecturing on Grounded Theory

What is Grounded Theory?

Grounded Theory is an inductive methodology in which theory is constructed through close analysis of available data. It is an approach marked both by its over-simplification by some and the density of other theorists and practitioners.  Finding a way into understanding grounded theory is sometime not

How to write a literature review

How to Write a Literature Review

The problem of how to write a literature review is a common one. It is a basic academic skill – but one that receives very little attention during research training. Often, people are simple just expected to know how to write a literature review. However,