Qualitative Research for Dentists

My mission to bring qualitative research to dentistry continues…

Below are the slides from I session I did with the students on the MDSc Prosthodontics course in the Dental School at The University of Dundee. This session on qualitative research for dentists fits into a series of lectures which introduce the Masters students to different approaches to research and aims to arm them with the resources to effectively read, understand and evaluate published research papers.


The presentation is largely a revised version of my general introduction to qualitative research – ‘Blag your way in Qualitative Research‘!

I’m starting to feel the structure of this session is working more now. It starts with a fairly dense overview of qualitative research for dentists but then starts to unpick the main themes with examples and questions. The session goes on to engage with some of the common questions people ask about qualitative research such as ‘What about sampling?’, ‘What about objectivity?’, ‘Where’s the Hypothesis?’, and ‘Are findings generalizable?’

I still finish the session with some of my personal annoyances I often notice in qualitative research in health service research and some suggestions for further reading.

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